Douxo Medicated Dog Shampoo Review

Douxo Medicated Dog Shampoo Review

Having a pet with sensitive skin also means a pet who is prone to infections, allergies and other skin problems. Such pets need to be bathed with medicated shampoos.

While most natural shampoos work well with most dogs, finding a medicated shampoo for a pet can often be a task, since you don't want just cleansing and moisturizing, but also relief from infections or allergies.

Douxo Medicated Dog Shampoo Ingredients

While there's no doubt that your pet needs a medicated shampoo, choosing the right one is important, since medicated shampoos can at times, be harsh on your pet's skin. If you're a pet parent who is dealing with what seems to be an unending quest for the right dog shampoo, you may have just found the solution in Douxo's chlorhexidine dog shampoo.

This shampoo consists of a special medicated formula which provides relief from itching, scratching and also helps to prevent skin infections in your pets, at the same time maintaining the natural pH levels of your pet’s skin, and keeping it clean and moisturized.

About The Product

What makes Douxo’s medicated shampoo so effective in cleaning and disinfecting your dog's skin and coat?

Powerful Formula

This shampoo has a special medicated formula that has been created keeping in mind different skin conditions and problems that could give your pet a hard time. Its primary active ingredients are chlorhexidine and climbazole, both of which have powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties.

In addition, it also consists of another ingredient - phytosphingosine salicyloyl which has antimicrobial properties and fights conditions like seborrhea.

Retains Moisture

Apart from getting rid of bacteria and fungus from your pet's skin and disinfecting it, Douxo's medicated shampoo has also been designed to protect your pet's skin from loss of moisture.

It has lipacide, an ingredient which leaves behind a protective film on your dog's coat so that it can retain its natural oils and moisture. In addition, this film also helps in restructuring dry, rough skin by nourishing it.

Reduces Dandruff

If your pet’s sebaceous (oil) glands are producing too much sebum or oil, it may combine with dirt, dust and dead skin to form dandruff, which not only looks unsightly but also causes a great deal of discomfort to your pet by making their skin itchy.

Pets with dandruff will often scratch at their fur, creating wounds that are prone to infection. Since this shampoo contains phytosphingosine salicyloyl, which has anti-seborrheic properties, it regulates the production of excess sebum from your dog’s skin.

This means that it breaks up the existing buildup of dandruff, making it easy to wash it off, but also prevents the recurrence of dandruff after a few washes.

What We Like

Here are some notable things that we like about this product:

Versatile And Effective

Because of its blend of four different kinds of ingredients, each of which is powerful against specific skin conditions, this shampoo can be used to relieve your pet from a lot of different skin conditions and problems, such as dandruff, seborrhea and pyoderma.

Douxo Medicated Dog Shampoo Use

Not only this, if your dog has a thick coat which doesn’t dry properly and gives your dog bacterial or yeast infections, this shampoo will work to restore the pH balance of your dog’s skin and keep infections at bay. This makes it ideal for pets with different skin problems and a favorite product with vets.

Gentle On Skin

You would expect a shampoo that has so many medicated ingredients, and no natural oils or moisturizers to be really harsh on your pet’s skin. However, long-time users of this product have actually said the opposite - that at the end of two or three baths, not only had their pet’s skin condition improved, their coat had also become shinier and softer to touch.

Despite the fact that this shampoo lathers and needs to be left on for a few minutes to work effectively, it doesn’t strip your pet’s coat of moisture, on the contrary, protects it between two washes.

What We Don’t Like

There are few things we didn't like about this product:

Takes Longer To Heal

If anything at all, there’s possibly just one thing that users of this product have brought up as a common problem.

While they all swear by how powerful and effective this shampoo is when it comes to curbing and fighting infections, allergies and skin conditions, many users found out that it took a few weeks or a few washes before they could see a noticeable difference in the condition of their pet’s skin.

As it is with any treatment, it takes a few rounds before the medication can fight away germs and infections, but at least you know it is worth the wait. And for what it’s worth, there’s little you have to complain about - once healed, your pet won’t have itchy skin or recurring infections, and their coat will feel softer and silkier than before.

Buying Advice

Since this shampoo is a medicated product, it’s recommended that you buy it for your pet with a vet’s prescription and only after getting your pet’s skin condition examined by a professional.

Final Thoughts

At under $13, this medicated shampoo from Douxo seems to be an all-round solution for pet skin problems of different kinds. It’s a real challenge to find a medicated shampoo that does its job well without leaving your pet’s skin dry, since applying conditioner after using a medicated shampoo might not be ideal.

Douxo Medicated Dog Shampoo


With this product, you can be completely sure that your pet’s skin and coat remain soft and moisturized, while they get some much-needed relief from all that itching and scratching, which could create even bigger problems in the future.

It’s always best to start treating skin conditions when they are in their early stages, and with Douxo’s specially formulated shampoo, your pet will be back to having healthy, disinfected skin within a few weeks’ time.

No one likes to see their pet suffer and scratch themselves - after all, when you can do something to help your pet, why wouldn’t you pick a product like this?

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