Pet Care Sciences Dog Shampoo Review

Pet Care Sciences Dog Shampoo Review

Ideally, your pet’s bath routine must focus on all of these things - cleansing, conditioning, moisturizing, detangling, and deodorizing. More often than not, you would end up buying a shampoo, a conditioner and several other products depending on your pet’s needs.

And if your pet’s fur tends to get tangled easily, or if your pet has a dry coat, it would also mean spending that much more time on leaving a conditioner on so you can detangle the fur easily.

Pet Care Sciences Dog Shampoo Features

Or you could make your life a lot simpler and pick up a single product that does all of these things – like the 5-in-1 pet wash from Pet Care Sciences. It’s definitely worth taking a look at, particularly if you are a pet owner on a tight schedule and don’t have the time to turn every bath into a spa session.

About The Product

Apart from saving you the stress of buying multiple products, this shampoo also has some great features that make it perfect for your pet.

Natural Ingredients

This shampoo is made with 100% natural ingredients. While it doesn’t have oatmeal or added vitamin E, it does have coconut and palm oils, which add lots of moisture to your pet's skin, and leave it nourished and soft, preventing any dryness and itching after his or her bath.

5-In-1 Function

This has got to be the best part about using this shampoo. One bath is good enough to clean mud, dirt and germs from your pet’s skin, while also adding lots of nourishment, shine and a pleasant fragrance to your pet’s coat. You won’t even need additional conditioner anymore, making your pet’s bath a breeze.

Powerful Deodorizing

If you have a playful pet who loves getting into the messiest of messes, this shampoo will work wonders on getting rid of all that stink and overpowering doggy smell.

100% Soap-Free

Soap can often be harsh on your pet’s skin, making it dry and itchy and causing your pet to scratch. Pet Care Sciences 5-in-1 dog cleanser has absolutely no soap, and cleanses your pet’s skin gently but effectively, without stripping it of its natural oils.

Zero Chemicals

From synthetic fragrances to dyes to parabens - you won’t find any of these harmful substances in this product. You can be 100% sure that you’re picking a trustworthy, high-quality product for your pet’s bathing routine.

What We Like

Here are some notable things that we like about this product:

No Side Effects

Since this shampoo has no chemical additives or potential allergens, it is 100% safe for pets, even those with sensitive skin.

Leaves Skin Soft And Nourished

This all-natural formula pumps a whole lot of moisture and nourishment into your pet’s coat, leaving it soft, shiny and healthy. If you have been noticing that your pet’s coat is dull, matted or dry to the touch, this product is definitely for you - it’ll also save you a trip to the pet salon.

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Since this shampoo moisturizes, cleanses, detangles and deodorizes, all at once, you won’t have to spend extra time applying conditioner on your dog and leaving it on.

This product is perfect for pet owners who don’t always have the time for an elaborate bathing ritual, but still want to make sure their pet is well-groomed. When bath time becomes a breeze, your pet will have even more time for playing and cuddling with you.

What To Look Out For

Before you buy a shampoo for your dog, let's take a look on some things you should know:

Powerful Scent

While this shampoo from Pet Care Sciences is perfect for smelly dogs, it also has a pretty powerful scent of its own, which both, you and your pet might take time to get used to. The scent does mellow down after a while, but you might find it a tad too overpowering right after you’ve given your dog a bath.

No Oatmeal, Too Mild

While it’s great that this formula has palm and coconut oils, which are great for moisturizing, the fact that there is no primary cleaning agent in this shampoo might be a problem for pets who have really oily skin or tend to get really dirty. Oatmeal shampoos

generally are a lot safer to use with dogs, and provide much better cleansing than other substances.

One can’t be too sure of how powerful this shampoo is when it comes to deep-cleansing, but unless your pet has come back from a good roll in the grass, it should do just fine.


This is probably the one serious consideration to make while buying this product. Compared to other products that pack in a lot many more natural ingredients as well as added nutrients, this product’s formula doesn’t quite justify the price tag.

Buying Advice

While this product does have an all-natural formula, it is definitely recommended that you give its ingredients a long look, and check with your vet for anything that might not work with your pet’s skin. Once your vet gives you the go-ahead, here’s where you can buy this dog shampoo from Pet Care Sciences.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the 5-in-1 pet cleanser from Pet Care Sciences seems like a high-quality, all natural product that is mild and suited for regular use. If your pet has normal skin, and all you need to do is maintain the same, this is definitely a great option for you, albeit at a slightly higher cost than other shampoos with similar features.

Pet Care Sciences Dog Shampoo


However, if your pet’s coat lacks shine, or if your pet has itchy, dry skin, you might want to look for a special formula that is enriched with vitamin E oil or has more natural oils like jojoba or shea butter, as compared to palm or coconut oil.

And while this product is very safe for pets with all kinds of skin, one really doesn’t know if it is recommended for pets who are undergoing a treatment that involves ointments or creams, since these could easily get washed off.

If you’re prioritizing convenience, ease of use and quality, and if your dog doesn’t have a specific kind of skin condition, problem, or allergy, go ahead and pick this bottle. When you see how much it speeds up bath time, you won’t mind paying a little extra either.

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